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Why Ranking in Google Is so Important and How to Make It Happen

Between June and July 2021, Google changed its search algorithms a frightening eight times. Improving and maintaining your ranking in Google is a constantly changing battlefield. As a business owner, how do you hope to stay ahead of the competition? One way is by understanding how Google rank changes and using a Google rank checker to aid you. Read on as we discuss how to rank better.

Why Is Google Rank Important?

If you don’t appear in searches, you don’t get organic web traffic. If you don’t get traffic, you don’t make quality sales. It is that simple. Google organic rankings are the basis of a successful digital marketing strategy and the most important touchpoint in your business.

Actually, it is a little more complex. The process to rank on Google has a number of different facets you must contend with. To make matters worse, the algorithms Google uses to decide this change often and can be very well guarded.


To understand the concept of Google rank, you first need to understand the concept of the keyword or search phrase. These are words and terms that people type into Google itself. If the keywords match the ones that are included on your website, then you may have a chance of ranking and getting shown on the first page of search results.

Keywords can be broken down into short- and long-tail keywords. The short tail is a one and two-word phrase. Long-tail keywords are lengthier phrases or sentences.

Also, include researched keywords in headlines and topic ideas for blogs and posts, they are more conversational and will engage with your target audience. FAQ pages are also a great way to build quality content on your site to help engage the website visitor.

Search Volume

After this, you should consider search volume. This is the number of people typing in a specific search term per month or week. To complicate matters, you would assume the higher the volume, the better it is to try and rank for the keyword.

This is not always the case. Higher search volumes mean more competition for the keyword. In addition, these types of keywords generally have lower quality traffic.

For example, a search term for “Pizza” will be huge. It will bring up a myriad of results. These could include restaurants, recipes, and products to name a few.

However, a search term such as “Best pizza oven under $500” is very specific. This will have a lower search volume, but traffic will be better quality. This is because these people are active and in the market to buy a pizza oven for under $500.

Search Engine Optimisation

Just because you include a keyword on a webpage, does not mean you will rank for it. If 1,000 websites compete for the same keyword, then Google will use its algorithms to determine which page is most relevant to the searcher. Optimizing your website so that you increase your search engine ranking is known as SEO.

SEO is broken down into two fields. On-page SEO are the aspects you can adjust on your website to improve your Google rank. Off-page SEO are the things done elsewhere that will help such as backlinks, social media posting and boosting of your content, etc.

On-page SEO may include tasks such as improving your website speed. The design of the website and how usable it is may also come into play. Secure, updated and well-maintained websites will also be given precedence by Google.


Off-page SEO are the things done elsewhere on the web that can impact your search engine ranking. The most important of these is the backlink. This is a link from one website to your own, which acts as a recommendation to the search engine.

Generally, the more backlinks you have, the better. The higher the SEO value of the website linking to you, the more important the link will be. Links also need to be from relevant websites.

As an example, imagine walking into a room and asking three people which type of golf clubs you should buy. The first person gives you a recommendation, but he does not play golf and knows nothing about it. Your second recommendation comes from someone who plays golf a little but only at weekends, and rents clubs from the course.

The third person is a PGA tour winner and world-class golfer. He recommends a brand and type. Obviously, his word is worth more than the others.

With backlinks, search engines are doing the exact same thing. They are looking for quality, relevant recommendations from trusted websites.


Trying to stuff multiple keywords into your website to make yourself rank is impossible. You can’t list every keyword on your “About” section and “Contact” page. To get them in, you need to create extra pages, and that is where content comes into play.

Content can be defined as anything created on the web for entertainment or information purposes. It can come in the form of videos, infographics, images, and podcasts. However, the King of content is the blog.

A blog allows you to write the answer to questions and searches while including your keywords. Writing one is an art form in itself, using the right formatting and style to keep people engaged. If you do not have time to create them yourself, there are plenty of writers who will do it for you.

Also, improve your service and product page content, this is the baseline to ranking for those search terms and include local service areas if relevant. If you sell accounting services on the Central Coast, then mention it. Google needs to read that content to be able to rank you for it.

Managing Google Rank

Once you have done all of this, you will be happy to hear it does not end there. Managing Google rank is a consistent process that needs updating and revisiting regularly. In fact, it should be instilled in everything you do.

As well as Google changing its algorithms regularly, other people will be competing for the same traffic and adapting. The keywords you rank for will also change, with more or fewer people searching for them over time. Just remember your competition are also creating better content ongoing so Google will index that content accordingly.
The trick here is to pick your battles and choose keywords that are actually searched for and are more likely to get results.

Google Rank Checker

Luckily, managing Google rank does not have to be done manually. There are a number of software solutions and Google rank checkers online that can assist you. As well as telling you where you rank for certain keywords, they will also give you advice on how to improve and make positive changes. Red Chameleon SEO offers a free Google rank checker. Simply get in touch with your website address, target keywords and we will set you up with weekly reports.

Improving Your Rank

Now you know how to improve your rank and how a Google rank checker can help create a plan. Find a checker that is right for you, then begin to implement changes. Soon, you will find your web traffic begins to increase.

Red Chameleon SEO should be your first stop for online assistance. We can provide everything from Local SEO to online marketing assistance. Contact us here to discuss your needs and let us help you thrive in the digital economy.