Video Storytelling: 5 Ideas for Videos that Tell a Story

Once you realise people are more interested in the story behind a video ad than all the visual bells and whistles, you have taken the first step to improve your video ads. To help you recognise the difference, we have created a Brand Camp. Its goal is to show you how to most effectively use video and relate the story of your brand to current and future customers.

We have found that many business owners find it difficult to break old habits, including incorporating a story into their video ad. What follows is a list of proven ways that will give you the power to create unique videos that will successfully sell your brand.

Put your expertise at the centre of the story

Some business owners spend a significant amount of time creating videos and getting acquainted with the technology. What the leave behind is why they started the business to begin with – they are an expert in their field. You are too. It’s easy to lose track of this reality because you deal with it day in and day out. But your customers don’t know what you know. Not only will you be informing them, but you will also be building their confidence in your brand because you are the brains behind the product or service.

The challenge is to be able to communicate effectively at a level your average customer can understand. This will likely require you to take the more complex aspects of your expertise and break them down into easy-to-understand language.

Make it personal

We are talking about this idea in a positive way. Customers want to relate to real people and connect, so telling your own story is both unique and personal. Knowing you on a more personal level makes them feel like they are a part of the business and not just another customer number. A quick search of the Internet will turn up a number of videos where owners are sharing their stories about how they climbed up the corporate ladder or what was so personal to them that made them start their business.

Explain a trend

Customers have various levels of interest in your industry, and keeping them informed about the latest trends is a great way to build brand loyalty. If they are convinced you are on top of current trends and events, customers know you know your stuff. To help you achieve this goal, we have a storyboard you can follow in our explainer that will show you how to apply your own concepts and discuss the trends in your own industry.

Be process-oriented

Your business follows a certain number of processes every day. So without revealing any trade secrets, create a video that takes the customer step-by-step through a generic industry process or one of your own. A step-by-step process video is a lot like a list, which we all know people love to read and watch.

Use inspirational stories to motivate customers

Not only do people love stories, but they also love the ones that inspire and motivate them to action. Travel videos are a great example of this, as they put the viewer at the island paradise which is both exciting and fun. At the end of the movie, The Wolf of Wall Street Jordan Belfort approaches people in the audience and says, “Sell me this pen.” It’s only a pen, but it takes creativity and imagination to buy such a simple commodity.

Who cares?

This is the most important question to ask yourself when sifting through all the ideas you have. If you don’t care, it will show up in the video. If you try and fake it, the viewers will know. Telling a story with sincerity and zeal usually makes for great video ads.

At Red Chameleon we prefer to interview the client so your customers see you, here your voice and know who they are going to do business with if they decide to engage with you and your business. We are looking for that emotional connection and this is generally not so fancy and just keeping it raw and real.

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