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Red Chameleon SEO provides several options when it comes to video production including explainer videos, business introduction videos with film and voice-over or blog introductions solely with images, text and background music. Whatever you need, talk to us about options.

What do you want to promote?

Business Introduction

A great way to get that emotional connection with potential customers is with a business explainer video that has voice over.

Product Description

Want more likes and shares on social media? Then set up a product explainer video which can be added to your website and social media pages.

Product Demo

A great video for putting onto your shopping cart product pages to explain to customers exactly what they are going to receive.

Business Introduction

Help with brand awareness with product category explainer videos. Capture that emotional connection with potential customers on your website and social media.

Promote my business

Make a short video with lasting impact. Get your business in front of more eyes within minutes.

Blog Introductions

Promote or boost your blog on social media with these simple blog intros that get more engagement than images.

Business Intro

Get more people to show up by making fun and unforgettable promo videos.

Product Introduction

Make a short video with lasting impact. Get your business in front of more eyes within minutes.
Getting started

Video & YouTube

If you didn’t know it already, Youtube is owned by Google and is the second biggest search engine. Businesses who are not focusing on video are going to get left behind, so setting up a business YouTube Channel and making regular videos for your business should be high on the list. Once you have great footage and a well-edited video file with either voice-over or background music, you should also load it up to your social media channels including Facebook, Instagram & Linkedin for brand awareness or use them in paid ads or popup introductions on your website.
Are you thinking about how you could implement video? Try a product and or service explainer video. Users these days want to watch not read so start focusing around this area as well to help your potential customers understand what you do and how you do it.

Also, going live from your phone is a quicker way to explain any updates on your business. It’s cheap, and it’s a natural way of building a relationship with potential customers or bringing your current customers back with a new offer, service or product.

You can also monetise your YouTube channel and get loads of followers with quality content.

Platforms like Animoto make it easy for businesses to create their videos on a basic level, however, if you are considering quality business introduction videos with voice-over. Then its best to get a professional and pay the money.
At Red Chameleon SEO, we utilise a video editor and graphic designer to make videos look quality. We can also organise video footage, images, scripts, graphics and voice over at very affordable prices.

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Rob and Phil from Red Chameleon have come to my supermarket, filmed the store, interviewed me and my wife and created some great videos for my business that are getting great results on social media.
Highly recommend.

Tong & Linda Chan
Asian Supermarket Erina

Great company to do partner with for all digital marketing requirements!

Dan Kennard

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