Using a Keyword Research Service Is Still a Good Idea in 2019: Here’s Why

Are you planning to launch a search engine optimisation (SEO) campaign? Or perhaps you simply want to beef up your content marketing efforts? Several tools and strategies help strengthen your content marketing efforts. One of the oldest techniques is through keyword research. This involves finding the right terms and phrases. You want to find words that will drive search traffic to some of the leading search engine results pages.

With Google’s dynamic landscape, businesses will continue to invest billions in SEO services. And this includes hiring pros that offer keyword research services.  But is investing in keyword research still a wise option? Will it pay substantial dividends in the long run?

Continue reading below as we dissect its key benefits.

Keyword Research Service:
Why You Still Need One

With all the online marketing tools available, keyword research remains relevant. People are almost always on their mobile phones. If they want to buy something, they simply head on to Google to perform an online search.

Unfortunately, only 36% of small businesses use an SEO strategy. If you are looking to hire pros to do SEO work, expect them to conduct strategic keyword research. Here are some of the best reasons why a keyword research service is still viable today:

Keeps you on track

When putting up your SEO strategy, keyword research will give you a sense of focus and direction. You may already have a topic in mind to write about. However, once you perform keyword research, you will discover phrases and terms that interest people.
This, in turn, enables you to expand further on your topic. You will come up with more specific content that people will like. You will avoid the ones that will not help your cause.

Site Restructuring

Keyword research can also help improve your website’s architecture. When you redesign your website, keyword research allows you to make the necessary tweaks to your existing site architecture including headlines.
It will also help you identify the key terms that require optimisation. Moreover, it will allow you to simplify the overall user experience. Simplification means taking out the “clutter” from your website.
This means retaining only the things that are relevant to your target market. Furthermore, it will help improve your website navigation, website speed and performance.

Increases Your Conversions

Since keyword research will help you come up with relevant content, it will translate to more visitors to your website. Hence, it will increase conversions.
A study on the ROI of email relevance reveals that relevant content potentially increases net profits. It can increase the profits of businesses by 18 times more compared to broadcast mailing.
Moreover, you can add keyword research to these six tips and see your conversions zoom like never before.

Gives You Insights on Latest Trends

When you analyse your keywords, you will get valuable insights into the current marketing trends. It will also give you a feel for the current behaviour of your target market.
You will get an idea of what is hot in the eyes of the consumers. You will understand how they feel about certain things and how they value them.

Helps Manage Your Time

Keyword research also helps you use your time wisely. Since you already know the right keywords to use, you will no longer waste your time creating content for the wrong set of keywords.
On the flip side, you can use the time to focus on other aspects of your business. You can shift your attention on improving your digital marketing strategies.

Yields the Best Listings

Since Google is the world’s leading search engine, you want to position your website on Google’s page 1. Thus, keyword research will help you pick your keywords with the lowest competition. Not only that, it allows you to choose keywords that have the biggest chances of raking in page 1.
Keyword research enables you to come up with more focused terms and phrases. For example, if your keywords are “basketball shoes,” your research will lead you to a more specific one like “Michael Jordan basketball shoes.”

Assists in Analysing the Competition

Through effective keyword research, you can also analyse the competition much better. It will give you an idea of how the competition picks their keywords. It will tell you if you need to become more specific in your keyword choices.
If you have a particular topic in mind, keyword research will help you determine if the topic is worth pursuing or not.

Connects You with the Right Audience

Helping you connect with your target market is one of the best benefits of keyword research. It will keep you from veering away from the right direction.
For example, if your business is about buying and selling vintage toys, keyword research will keep you from writing articles that will not interest your audience.
There is a chance that you may come up with a blog post on a particular toy line. However, there is a risk that that toy line is not vintage in any way. In turn, your article may not attract the customers that you want.

Strengthens Your Social Media Presence

Last but not least, it helps strengthen your social media efforts. Since you are posting content with the right keywords, you can expect your audience to share your posts on their social media accounts.
In turn, this will help build your social media presence. More people will get to read your content. New customers will visit your website as the shares will generate online traffic.

Research for YouTube

Video is growing more and more with YouTube and now IGTV (Instagram version) its a good practice to research how competitive a subject is to rank for and also see other YouTube channels in the niche you want to target. With careful planning before you start filming and editing, you can see upfront how hard it’s going to be to rank.

Let Us Handle Your Digital Marketing

There is no doubt that keyword research yields numerous benefits. You can do your research by yourself or hire a company that offers reliable keyword research. But with your plate already full, it is wise to hire a pro.
We offer keyword research services and other digital marketing solutions for various businesses. We specialize in advertising campaigns anchoring on social media. We also help companies in their brand awareness initiatives.
We also offer online reputation management.
Send us a message and let us know what you need. We will sit down with you and discuss your options. We will formulate a strategy that will help you reach your goals faster.

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