The Research Shows B2B Content Marketing Has Major Financial Benefits

For businesses, marketing efforts are geared to do ne thing. Drive qualified leads to your business. For B2B companies, that can be a bit more challenging in a competitive environment.

There are countless ways to drive leads to your business. Yet, are they the right leads? That’s one of the reasons why so many B2B businesses are turning to content marketing to drive the right leads and increase sales.

Are you not convinced that B2B content marketing is right for your business?

Keep reading to find out what the research says about content marketing and how it helps B2B companies grow.

Businesses Research Before Buying

About 74% of businesses will research products and services online before making a purchase. When you use content marketing, you’re putting your company in front of these businesses early in the buying cycle.

That gives you an edge in creating credibility and trust as potential buyers move towards a purchasing decision.

Content Marketing Costs Less

When you look at what content marketing entails, you’re probably thinking about your bottom line. Believe it or not, content marketing actually costs less per lead than other forms of marketing.

It’s been shown to cost 62% less than traditional advertising. That’s much better for your budget.

More Leads for Your Business

Businesses are hesitant to add a blog to their website because they don’t know what to write or they don’t one to have one more thing to try to manage.

This line of thinking is like leaving money on the table. When you compare businesses that have a blog against ones that don’t, the businesses with a blog have 126% more leads.

Better Retention Rates

You know that it costs much more to acquire a new customer than to retain the ones you have. Content marketing can help you with that, too.

Businesses that use influencer marketing as part of their B2B content marketing campaigns have a 37% higher retention rate than customers gained through other channels.

Higher Conversion Rates

B2B businesses that use content marketing also have higher conversion rates. That’s because you’re driving highly qualified leads to your business, instead of shooting in the dark. Content marketing can help drive conversions to your website.

Businesses that use content marketing have a conversion rate up to 6 times higher than companies that aren’t using content marketing.

B2B Content Marketing Done Right

If you plan to use content marketing in your business, you have to make sure that you do it right. Just because you write a blog post, it doesn’t mean that it will be effective at driving leads to your business.

Content marketing is all about creating value for your readers. That means that your content has to be in-depth and useful.

Content marketing isn’t a one and done type of marketing approach, either. It’s like running a marathon instead of a sprint. It takes patience, and it takes consistency over a period of time.

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