Content Marketing

How we work with you to audit, report and create a content marketing strategy plan.

  1. Goal Setting
  2. Establish Budgets
  3. Know Your Audience
  4. Content Strategy & Optimisation
  5. Report On Current Google Rankings
  6. Audit The Competition
  7. Decide On Content Types
  8. Figure The Best Channels
  9. Allocated Resources


Set Goals
How many leads and additional sales to can you handle.
Establish Budgets
We report and audit your competition so you know what your up against straight up and we’ll recommend daily budget for ads
Know Your Audience
Get your content in front of people who are ready to make a purchase or a browsing for ideas first. We then remarket ongoing.
Reporting is provided ongoing on your current Google rankings and we track progress including your competitions current rankings.
Decide on content types
Blogs, video, infographics and more. We will help you work out the best methods and offer reasons why.
Allocate resources
At Red Chameleon SEO our team members include content writers, photographers, graphic designer and videographer.

Outcomes of Content Marketing

Formation of your brand
You want to convey value and show your benefits to your audience. This will attract new followers to your social media channels and transform them into brand advocates just by using regular, useful and expert content.
Increase of sales
By telling us about any promotions and special offers you have going, we can create expert content to help engage with your customers. Therefore, increasing sales.
Promoting of content
Create strong content that can be shared on all of your social networks. Then promote that content to your target audience to get more coverage. Also, keep a blog to attract new potential customers from search engines.

Why us?

Increase in website conversions

Visual improvement of your website

A comprehensive strategy compared to other types of marketing

We are the leaders of internet marketing in the region

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