Content Creation

Fresh, unique content creation is critical for your Brand, Website Rankings and Social Media Marketing.

Anyone who has worked alongside a Search Engine Optimisation specialist is sure to be familiar with the saying “Content Is King.” Its helps to build a loyal base of followers, it has an impact on SEO and long-tail keywords to improve your website rankings for new content, and it helps to position your business as an authority in your industry.

Content comes in many shapes and forms, including article writing for your blog, improving product descriptions and service page content. Adding a case study or past projects along with a gallery will help show off your recent work and help with conversions. Explainer, product or business introduction videos, e-books, whitepapers, infographics and more will help to boost your brand.

If you are always thinking about ideas to post out onto social media, then informational content will help you look like an authority in your industry as well as helping to boost your search rankings.


Researching keywords, competition analysis and YouTube research are the building blocks your content strategy should be built on. Get the facts first!
Regular unique content posted to your website or blog and then shared out to social media will help with social signals to Google.
Post to Instagram and FaceBook
Post content onto your website and then share out to social media and boosting to your target audience is a fantastic way to boost brand awareness.
Video Creation
YouTube is now one of the leading suppliers of traffic on the internet, meaning it is now an essential part of all business media plans. Get ideas from you research and difficulty reports
Projects Portfilio
Add a past projects page which is setup correctly will help with more location searches for better organic rankings and help convert visitors into leads.
Landing Pages
Create quality content for your landing pages. What is a landing page? Its where you should be pushing Google & Facebook ads to entice a sale or enquiry.

Why Content Marketing Works

Brand Awareness
Learn more about brand awareness and touchpoints to show your business in more places when customers are ready to make a purchase – Click here

Increase Sales
By targeting your ideal audience you are delivering the right message to the right person and on the right platform. Therefore, increasing sales.
Climb The Google Rankings
Google loves new content and will also rank you for more long tail keywords so your website is shown under more search terms.

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