7 Way to Optimise Your Google Ad (PPC) Strategy

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Is your PPC strategy working as well as it could be? These 7 hacks will make your digital ad campaigns more efficient and increase your ROI.

Australian spending on advertisements is predicted to grow by 9.1 percent this year alone. Most of that comes from social media and digital marketing advertising. Your competition is stepping up, but do you know how to respond?

At Red Chameleon Digital we are experts in saving our clients money on Google Ads and below are a few tips on how we achieve these results.

The first place to start is maximizing efficiency. Read on as we give seven ways to optimise a PPC strategy.

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Always Know Your Goals and Budget

It sounds simple and is always reiterated, but it is the one tip that is easiest to lose track of. Without goals and a budget, it is impossible to measure your digital marketing efforts. This means you are simply throwing money at the situation hoping it will work.

Start by selecting your goals and make sure they are in sync with the overall digital marketing strategy. Do you want to increase brand awareness, get people to sign up to an email list, or increase sales of a certain product? All are very different goals with different measurable outcomes.

Setting a budget gives you something to measure success against. When you do set a budget, it needs to be stuck with rigidly. If having no objective is moving the goalposts, then going over budget is like increasing the size of them.

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Optimize the Text

Text and images are the only real way to grab attention, so it pays to optimize them to the fullest. However, many people struggle when writing text. Creating pay per click ad copy is very different from any other type of writing you will do.

Make sure the keyword is in the headline and the body of the text. After this, try and utilise a call to action, especially at the end of the copy. Finally, include concrete prices or statistics to draw people in and create trust.

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Optimise Your Settings

Optimising your settings can be broken down into two distinct areas. These are location and device.

Start by being very specific about the area you want the ad to be shown in. Identify areas that have a much higher chance of converting and producing a better ROI. These may be places that have a higher average income or more of your target demographic.

Begin with the country. After this, narrow it down to states, cities, and even individual towns. The reach may be smaller, but the traffic should become much higher quality.

Most searches are now done on a mobile device, so you would be foolish not to optimize your ads for this. If you have a physical store, you need to capture people who are on the move, looking for your service in the area. You will find that people also act differently when using mobile devices to desktops, so keep analysing data and making improvements.


PPC Strategy

In summary, optimising your PPC strategy involves research. Know what your competitors are doing, know your personas and work on your ad itself. If all this seems like a lot of time and effort, then consider getting an expert to help.

Your first stop for assistance should be Red Chameleon SEO. From web design to PPC, we can help with every aspect of your online marketing campaign. Contact us here to discuss your needs and we can help you thrive in the online economy.

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Optimise Website & Landing Pages

At Red Chameleon SEO we go on and on about this to our clients. Your business website needs to be fast, secure and targeted. Google scans websites for viruses and checks speed. It’s great as they are helping to keep the internet safe. Spend the money on fast secure hosting and keep your website software updated and maintained with a maintenance and optimisation package.

Do your Google ad campaign keywords and headlines match your website and landing page titles? if not then you may have a low-quality score and paying more than you need to. Just keep in mind that Google wants its users to find what they want fast, so being relevant is massively important with search ads especially.

They may not be part of the specific PPC campaign, but they can have a huge impact on its success. By creating custom landing pages for the above-mentioned personas, you personalize the sales funnel at the most crucial point. As the final stage of the PPC campaign, why would you overlook it?.

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Get Your Timing Right

This one takes a few runs to get right, as you need some data to when you can optimize. However, selecting the best times based on the day of the week or time is a great method to optimize your campaign. Go into your ad after running for at least a week, 24 hours a day to see your most successful and least successful times.

From this, you can adjust accordingly. You can see when much of your audience is converting and raise and lower costs.

Get A Plan

Check Your Personas

Revisit your marketing campaign overall and take a look at your target persona. These are groups of people your product or service is aimed at. Each will need a different approach to personalize their journey and convert them.

By gathering as much data as you can on each, you can craft every part of their sales journey to perfection. Start by using the data to target your ads, based on where they are from, their interests, their income, and other factors. After this, adjust your images and language to entice them further down the journey.

Knowing your persona will also help you define your keywords. For example, the older audiences may have very different searches to younger generations, who may use different words and language.


Get Competitive

By spying on the competition, you can enjoy watching them invest and make mistakes while you reap the rewards. Watching what the competition does lets you see what is and what is not working. It is also surprisingly easy to do.

Most paid search tools will have a feature that lets you see who the competition is for the main keywords. From here, you can export them and see which are working and which are not. You can even reverse engineer this, checking their websites and seeing where most of their keyword tracking comes from.

Even Google Ads has a feature to help you beat the competition. The target outranking share feature will automate bid management and up your bid to help you beat the competition. This can only be done with one domain at a time, so plan your attack with the utmost precision.

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