9 Amazing Tips, Tools, and Courses to Help You Learn Digital Marketing

Did you know that as of June 2018, Australia was home to 14.7 million Internet subscribers?

That’s right! What’s more, that number is only for those whose names are on the subscription itself. It doesn’t include their spouses or kids who use the same service, say through Wi-Fi, to access the Internet.

In total, Australia’s internet users have grown a whopping 276% from 2010 to 2019. Today, 68.4% of Aussies use the Internet.

That should already tell you how vital it is to learn digital marketing. Especially as a business owner who needs as much visibility and presence in the market. You’d want to take advantage of that Internet penetration to make your brand known.

Unsure where and how to start getting educated about online marketing? Don’t worry, as that’s exactly what you’ll discover in this post, so be sure to keep reading!

1. Decide Which Area of Digital Marketing You Want to Focus On

Digital marketing generally has three phases: acquisition, conversion, and retention. Within each phase are several tactics that allow for the transition to the next phase.

For instance, under acquisition, you have search engine optimisation and search engine marketing. Under SEO is content or blog marketing, while pay-per-click ads fall under SEM. In a lot of cases, copywriting is also part of retention and conversion.

This alone tells you how digital marketing encompasses too many aspects to learn in one go. That’s why it may be best for you to choose an area that you think you’ll do really well in. If you have great writing skills, then consider focusing on say, content marketing.

Of course, you need to at least understand the basics of all three phases. But to be a successful marketer, you want to specialise in a certain area or niche. This way, you can already put yourself a step ahead of the competition.

2. Digital Marketing Course from the Search Engine Giant Google Itself

Speaking of online marketing basics, what better place to learn it from than Google? For one, the search engine giant remains the top choice in Australia, with its market share being at 95.11%. It’s the master of digital marketing, and even most online campaigns revolve around it.

Luckily, big G is all about customer service and education. There’s a Google digital marketing course that you can take advantage of for free. It contains 26 modules developed by Google trainers themselves.

It covers all the basics — from intro to online marketing to building an online presence. It’ll even teach you about creating a proper website and how to make the site visitor-oriented.

3. The Champion’s Content Marketing Certification Course (HubSpot)

If content is king, then blog marketing is its crowning glory. After all, Aussies love to read online, with 15.7 million of them (14 years or older) accessing news sites in a month.

Now, remember that content creation is part of all phases of digital marketing. That’s why you also need to learn marketing strategies for this area.

That’s exactly what the HubSpot Content Marketing Certification Course will teach you.

Not only will you learn how to curate good content, but also how to keep producing good content. It’s also a guide to create content that’s both human-centric and made for search engines. Upon completion, you’ll be a better, more effective storyteller.

4. Keyword Researcher for More Readable, Searched-For Content

Effective marketing content, be it blogs, emails, newsletters, or ads, rely on keywords. These are the terms people use for their searches, and that search engines give results for.

That’s why a keyword researcher is one of the most crucial marketing tools you need. It’s a tool that lets you find out the terms or phrases most relevant to your products or services. Aside from relevance, the best keyword tool also considers keyword popularity.

If you know what your target market searches for, then you can create content focused on those. This then gives your content higher chances of appearing right in front of your market.

5. The Tools that Will Teach You How to Make Photos Worth a Million Words

Did you know that humans can only remember 20% of the stuff they read? Give them something visual though, and chances are, they’ll remember 80% of it.

That’s why veteran digital marketers combine interesting text with engaging images. And it’s time you take a page out of their book and use graphic creation tools for your social media posts.

There’s quite a lot to choose from, but Canva, Befunky, and Giphy are great places to start.

6. HubSpot’s YouTube Marketing Course

More than three hours every day. That’s how much time folks from the Oz put into their daily TV viewing activities.

That confirms how much Aussies love visual content and storytelling. That should also make you realise how big the role of video marketing is in branding.

No need to worry if you’re a complete beginner in the video marketing niche. With HubSpot’s YouTube Marketing Course, you’ll learn how to create awesome videos. This course will teach you the tricks to making engaging and shareable videos.

Oh, and did we mention that this course is totally free?

7. Buffer Your Social Media Posts

By that, we literally mean using “Buffer”, a social media account management software. It allows you to schedule social media posts beforehand. Once you’ve set up the dates, it’ll post on your behalf.

So, how will it help you learn digital marketing? For starters, it’ll give you insights on your posts’ engagement and reach rates. From there, you can compare which times of the day and days of the week have higher yields.

You can then use these analytics to better time your social media posts. And since you can schedule multiple posts on several accounts, it’ll help you save time too. You no longer have to worry about missing crucial times for your social media outreach!

8. Practice and then Gain Experience through Freelancing Gigs

Experience is really the best teacher, and the same thing applies to become a marketing pro. So, before you take on clients, practice what you’ve learned first by applying it to your own blogs. Then, track and review your progress through marketing analytics tools like KissMetrics.

Once you get more accustomed to things, you can then reach out to clients. It’s best you start with smaller projects, especially those within your specialisation.

9. Partner Up with a Digital Marketing Firm (And You Get Yourself a Mentor Too)

If your primary goal is to boost your own business’ branding, it’s best to team up with marketing experts. It’s one of the top ways on how to learn digital marketing, as you can get direct guidance from pros themselves. They can help you determine which areas of your campaign are working and which aren’t.

Let’s say you hire digital marketing experts for an SEM campaign. You can get useful insight into keywords that you can also use for organic content.

The bottom line is, these pros can steer you towards the right path to improve your marketing prowess.

Learn Digital Marketing Now to Stay Ahead of the Competition

There you have it, the ultimate list of tips, tools, and courses that you can learn digital marketing from. The sooner you take advantage of these, the sooner you can put yourself — and your brand — in a better position.

Ready to get the guidance you need from online marketing pros? Then please feel free to connect with us now! Whether it’s digital marketing training you need or expert marketing services, we’re here to help out!

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