Image Is Everything: The Importance of Branding Your Business Well

As a business, you can’t ignore quality branding if you want to succeed.

Did you know that 77% of marketers say that branding is absolutely critical to growth?

Although a lot of branding is image-based, that’s not all of it. The importance of branding reaches every aspect and department of the business.

Read on for 4 important branding tips to brand your business successfully.

The Importance of Branding

Branding isn’t just your logo design. It includes all these different aspects and more.

1. Image-Based Branding

The first aspect of branding is what everyone immediately thinks of: image-based branding.

This includes things like logos, website design, uniforms, signage, retail location decor, etc.

Image branding is vital because it generates an instantaneous visual recognition. Customers form an opinion of a logo within 10 seconds, but it takes over 5 impressions for them to begin to recognize that same logo.

Customers see, recognize, and rely on an image or brand that they’ve seen before.

Imagine someone obtains a business card for your business. It’s black and red with a bold font. But when they follow the card to a website and find it blue and white with a clean simple design, they won’t recognize or trust the website is yours. They will likely search out a different site and get lost or give up.

Invest time in creating a visually cohesive brand that people can recognize and is pleasing to the eye.

2. Customer Interactions

Your brand includes customer interactions. Because no matter how cohesive and modern your image-based branding is, if a customer has a negative experience with one of your employees or a product, they will not return.

Train your employees on the words, phrases, and dialogue you want them to refer to in all interactions with customers. Educate them on the vitality of positive, friendly, and helpful customer interactions.

Building a strong reputation based on trust, help, and kindness is one of the strongest brand moves you can make.

3. Employees Rally Around Brands

Branding includes creating a company that employees can take pride in and be proud to work for.

Because after all, you’re not just selling your business to potential clients, you’re advertising to potential employees too.

It’s vital to create an environment built on trust, organisation, safety, and welcoming.

Employees with an understanding of the business’s goals and trajectory can play a vital role in meeting goals.

4. Branding Will Grow Your Customer Base

Having a strong brand will allow you to grow your customer base. As people are able to readily associate your image and a good reputation with your business, they will share with others.

Word of mouth will either make or break your business. Create a business that’s visually pleasing and meets their needs. Don’t be the business that has mismatched design elements and isn’t helpful to clients.

Remember These Tips

The importance of branding is almost immeasurable. It’s vital to remember that branding is more than just your logo and website.

Branding is who you are as a business. And improving your brand will improve your success.

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