How Much Impact Does your Brand Need to Have Before you Garner Leads

You want to get your brand out there. This is a no brainer. However, you might not know exactly how to do it effectively. The strategies that even worked five years ago might not work today. That’s because your brand needs three times more exposure to lead to customer engagement with the product or service.

The way that brand exposure is measured is through brand touch points. While it may seem complicated, it’s quite simple. The touch point is the moment when the audience comes into contact with the brand name. Each time this happens, it’s another touch point. They have done studies regarding how many touch points you need to create an actual lead. In 2013 and 2014, the number seemed to be around 5 to 6 touch points. Now, if you can believe it, it’s now up to 15-20 touch points. These figures might not be exact for every case, but they do demonstrate a point. For one, people are a bit anesthetized to the brand ads in a way that they never were before. And two, that this is an opportunity for your business to get out there even more because if you don’t utilise more Internet pathways, you might not get that same customer base you used to get with five-year-old marketing strategies.

In the changing world, you need to figure out how to use the transitions to your advantage. For example, social media is proliferating, so get out there and advertise on all the socials. Also, ask your marketing team about Facebook Pixels. This is a newer way to get results. For more information on this, call RED Chameleon SEO. The team would love to help you to put together a digital marketing plan that will get you those touch points.

When it comes to remarketing, try to show your offers to the competitor’s website visitors in the form of ads. These ads can lead to actionable results. Also, e-mail marketing is another valuable method of getting a few touch points. While you don’t want to spam people, e-mail marketing is essential to becoming useful in this over-saturated digital marketing era. You can also run Google remarketing ads on Google search, Youtube, and even similar sites to yours. All of these tips will help you to get your brand exposure up.

It’s not necessarily easy in this day and age to be savvy at marketing. After all, it changes every year, and by the half-decade mark, specific methods might even be obsolete. This is why you need to get a marketing team that can work for you. RED Chameleon SEO is as modern and up to date as marketing companies come. They will help your business navigate the trying waters of the digital marketing landscape. They will set you up with the social media ads that you need to succeed. And finally, you will learn about the latest techniques such as Facebook Pixel to put your business ahead of the competition.