Your Guide to Collecting Emails From Social Media Marketing ?

One list you should constantly be updating, increasing in size and sending out emails to is your email database. Businesses don’t send out to there lead and customer lists often enough, it’s cheap and gets results.

It’s the one form of marketing you own and can nurture in a fast paced digital environment that is constantly changing. If all else fails you can still email your customers and leads ongoing with new offers and deals without having to keep spending money on ads.

An email list is one of the most essential things to growing an online business today. The good news is that the rise of social media has actually made it easier than ever to get people to sign up for your list.

Keep reading to check out this quick guide on collecting emails from social media marketing.

Include a Link in Your Bios

Every social media platform gives you a space for writing a bio or some information about you or your company. On Instagram and Twitter especially, this is a great area to put in a link for your newsletter and ask people to sign up.

This is one of the first things people see when they go to your page so you’ll definitely want to take advantage of being able to put it front and centre. This is also an easy place to direct people from your posts.

Post Lead Magnets

One of the most important parts about collecting emails is that you typically need to offer someone something in exchange. And, honestly, in the age of information, you’ll need to make sure you’re providing value with your lead magnet to encourage people to give away their personal information.

Once you’ve got your high-quality offer ready, start posting it on your profile. Create captivating visuals for it and share them on your Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter and Pinterest. You can also run Facebook ads for your lead magnet to make your post reach more people.

Don’t forget about cool features like the “swipe up” button on Instagram stories that allows you to put a link directly in the story post. This works great for getting your audience right over to your signup page without any extra steps.

Value Proposition Tip – Think about something of value that you could sell and give it away in exchange for an email. A website landing page with an email subscription section is simple enough to set up and will get the job done.  Ideally, you should automate the population and responses of the list with a CRM or Newsletter autoresponder system like Mailchimp. At Red Chameleon, we now use Agile CRM to automate a series of emails for leads as well as onboarding emails for new customers. Its saves so much time once setup.

Use YouTube Video Content

YouTube is a bit of a special case when it’s come to social media platforms. Although you can still like, comment and share, the community aspect is set up slightly different. But, overall, it is an amazing avenue for collecting emails.
That’s because whether someone has a YouTube account or not, they can find and watch your content as long as they’re looking for it. It’s even searchable directly from Google. So the important things about this are to make great content and redirect your audience to your personal links.
For instance, let’s say you want to create a compelling video on how freelancer graphic designers can find new clients and you have a lead magnet for the top websites for finding freelance graphic design work. During your video, you should mention that people can get more free information by clicking the link underneath your video (which should lead them to the opt-in and download page).

It would probably be most beneficial to mention the lead magnet more than once throughout the video. You are also able to add clickable links directly in your Youtube videos as well. Take advantage of all of these spaces to through your sign up page link in!

Add a Sign-Up Link on Your Facebook Business Page

Facebook has definitely evolved when it comes to business advertising over the years. They’ve made it a lot easier for companies to start collecting emails from their page visitors.

One of those ways is allowing you to add a “sign-up” button right at the top of your Facebook business page. Another way to get people to notice this helpful add is to use your banner as an attention grabber for the button. For instance, you could have your banner say “sign up for our free marketing plan templates by clicking here” then placing an arrow in the banner that points directly to the sign-up link.

Host a Webinar

Hosting webinars has become one of the most popular methods of collecting emails. You can do this using social media by spreading the word as much as possible about your free webinar and having people sign-up to receive the entry link.

Be sure to make the link to your opt-in page easily findable. For most platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, you’ll be able to add the link directly into the post. However, for Instagram, you aren’t able to add a live link in the captions. It may be best to temporarily change the link in your bio to give people easy access.

Run Facebook Ads

It’s true that social media is a great tool to market your business for free and see results. But if you want to give yourself a little boost and possibly move the boat along faster then running ads is the way to go.

Facebook ads allow you to target a larger number of the people that you want to put on your list. Although you might not get the hang of it right away, doing some trial and error with this method is well worth it. Keep making changes to your demographics until you see your list subscribers start to grow rapidly.

Do a Giveaway or Contest

People love being able to win free things. Running giveaway and contests is another useful technique for collecting emails.
This one is fairly simple. Tell people what you’ll be giving away and add a CTA. The requirements should include that they sign-up for with their email address for a chance to be chosen for the prize.
You can also increase the chances of your giveaway spreading by coming up with a specific hashtag for the contest and telling participants to use it if they repost.

Looking to Start Collecting Emails Directly from Social Media?

Collecting emails using social media is possible. In fact, it’s probably one of the primary ways that you should include in your marketing plans.
The more quality seeds you plant, the quicker you’ll see your list grow. Contact us today if you need help generating leads from your social media pages.

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