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Signing up for a Google My Business listing is not always as simple as some business owners and marketers may think. This is especially the case for those of you who have more than one business at the same address. If this sounds like your business or the businesses that you represent, here are a few things that you should know about Google My Business.

Let’s face it. When you think about it, these situations open up a host of other issues that need to be addressed. Some of the most commonly known are listed as follows:

  • Will Google My Business question the legitimacy of these businesses?
  • How many companies can I list Google My Business with the same address?
  • Are there penalties for listing multiple companies at the same address?
  • Is there an eligibility problem as it relates to how many companies can be listed this way?

Because of these and other questions about Google My Business, everyone needs to know how to respond and exactly what to do. So, here are some guidelines that Google My Business has provided to assist you in demystifying this process.   Having said this,  check out this list of FAQS. 

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Can I set-up more than one business account at the same address on Google My Business

Answer: Yes, however, you need to make sure that each of these businesses are legally distinct business operations. Today, these situations are more common than not. So, you need to make sure that you know Google’s provisions for the same address multiple listings.

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Does Google My Business recognise two different suite numbers as having two locations? Also, in this scenario, can I set up two GMB listings?

Answer: No, Google does not recognize suite numbers as two different locations. Therefore, it really does not matter if the information is legitimate or made up.  Nor will these suite numbers qualify for more than one GMB listing.

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Will Google My Business penalise my company if I have listed businesses that are clearly ineligible based on the requirements that have been provided?

Answer: Yes, there are penalties for listing these ineligible accounts. For instance, Google My Business may issue a hard suspension on your listings by removing your account, deleting reviews, and may also adversely affect your business’s search engine rankings.

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What if my business’s operation works out of a Co-Working space?

Answer: The answer to this question depends on several different factors. For instance, if your business meets this set of criteria your business will be eligible for a GMB listing. I.e. If staff have a direct unique phone number that is only answered by your organization, and the hours of operations for your staff is listed

On the other hand, if other businesses at your same address and other related information (i.e.sharing the  same SEO terms), you or the other company in your industry may be filtered out of the mapping product. This is normally the case because of the shared elements between both businesses.

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When I have more than one business at the same address, how should I name these multiple GMB listings?

Answer: The names for each GMB must follow specific conventions. By following these conventions closely, you eliminate the risks of unnecessary confusion and other related issues. For instance, if you have a business within a business at the same address, you need to list your business names as follows: Subway and Coles instead of naming it as Subway in Coles.

Whatever the case or situation, each name of the business must be listed by its brand name. You can use these name conventions when you are listing different department names in the same business organization (i.e. Ford Parts, Ford Dealership, Ford Customer services). And, it is important that each department has a dedicated phone number.

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How does Google My Business determine if my more than one business at the same address scenario is eligible for separate GMB listings?

Answer: Google looks at your business structure. For instance, if you are operating more than one business in a brick and mortar facility, they are usually looking for separate registrations with unique tax IDs, separate filings of taxes, and unique phone numbers for each. Check for these and other requirements before set-up your GMB listing.

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What factors make a business ineligible for setting up more than 1 GMB account at the same address?

Answer: You cannot set up more than one account for the same address if your business is not registered as 2 or more distinct entities. Or, if your business does not have its own distinct phone numbers.

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Will Google My Business allow service-area businesses to list more than one account for businesses that have the same address?

Answer: In the past, Google My Business has treated brick and mortar companies differently from service area businesses. This is because GMB does not actually support service area business in this form. Therefore, it is not a good practice to co-locate services in this manner, even if these services are legitimately and officially distinct.

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If there is more than one seasonal business located at my same address, how many listings can I set up for my business?

Answer: You need to pay close attention to the established requirements set by Google for these situations.  For instance,  if you run an organic fruit stand during the summer months and a Christmas tree farm during the winter,  you need to follow GMB listing requirements.

Also, based on Google My Business and its established guidelines in this area, each of these seasonal services must have its own unique names, categories and phone numbers. And, both of these distinct seasonal operations must have their own individual signage throughout that particular season.

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Does GMB allow you to create separate listings for shared locations? For instance, can you set up a listing for different meetings, events, or classes?

Answer: As a general rule, GMB does not allow these listings, particularly since it requires the business to have authority over these situations.

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