5 Funniest Misspellings You’ll See When Working in SEO

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The world of SEO is extremely important in the 21st century. With a huge surge in internet usage since the COVID – 19 pandemic, it’s only becoming more important for businesses to hire SEO services to create the best keywords for their websites.

But here’s the funny thing about keywords. They don’t actually have to be words themselves — oftentimes they’re several word long phrases. . . they can even be misspellings.

That’s right folks, SEO experts deal in the realm of the worlds funniest misspellings and have unique insights into some of the most commonly misspelt search terms.

This article will walk you through some of the most hilariously common Google misspellings for your personal entertainment and, who knows, maybe you can even work these misspellings into your content. People are searching for them after all. 

1. Which

Starting off this list is a rather topical one considering the time of year. One of the most classic misspellings is “which” and “witch”. Two words that have completely different meanings and are completely different types of speech.

Which, being a pronoun, shows up in a ton of different search results. Say you own a burger restaurant. People might look for your products by searching “which restaurant has the cheapest burgers”.

However, they don’t always get the spelling of that right, accidentally haunting their search engines with phrases like “witch restaurant has the cheapest burgers”.

Of course, if you happen to run a Witch Restaurant, this could only be good news for you, and you should proceed as normal. We would also recommend setting up some reviews since reviews are a great way for any business to build trust, especially haunted ones.

2. Restaurant

“Restaurant” is one of the most commonly misspelt word in the English language. For some strange reason, the words constructions leads people to want to make it a little more symmetrical, spelling it “restarant” or “restauraunt”.

We’ll be the first ones to admit that this isn’t nearly as funny as some of the others on this list. However, the presence of this as one of the worlds most misspelt words, combined with the fact that it’s one of the most popular businesses out there for SEO content, makes this one of the most cosmically funny misspellings.

Some people even believe that this has led to the whole realm of mispelling SEO. There are differences in thought on how well misspelling SEO definitely works, but you can’t help admit there’s something to the idea when you consider just how popular certain misspellings are.

Onc again, maybe not “haha” funny”, but more “cruel joke played by God” funny.

3. Exit

Often, when people are typing quickly, they’ll accidentally add an “s” into the word “exit” and wind up with “exist”. This is a fairly innocent mistake. It doesn’t suggest that someone actually doesn’t know how to spell a word.

However, when you spend as much time on the internet as people in the world of SEO do, you start to see some pretty funny cases of this common mishap.

For example, think of the common practice where a website will send you a little message asking you if you’re sure you want to exit, to try to keep you on the site. Every once in a while, someone will misspell this message, and the unsuspecting viewer will get hit with the inappropriately morbid philosophical questions “are you sure you want to exist?”. 

This isn’t too far off from the unexpected philosophy coming from mistypes as “employees must wash hands before living”.

4. Cologne

Oh boy, this one is a doozy.

We’ll start this off by saying we understand why cologne is an easy word to misspell. The English language has a ton of strange rules clauses, and exceptions, cologne just does not sound the way it’s spelt.

However, there are some people out there who think the word is spelt “colon” — a rather undesirable part of the body. This one gains an extra level of ironic humour because the colon — associated with famously bad smelling things — is about as far as you can get from cologne.

This leads to some hilarious misunderstandings when women on the internet are attempting to gossip about boys. You can regularly find people typing things like “I love when I can smell a guy’s colon when he walks by”.

We can only hope that one was a misspell.

5. Quarantine

We admit it’s a bit cheap to laugh at our friends across the pond. Lots of jokes about Americans are based on misconceptions about the country.

However, it’s hard to justify the fact that an AT&T study revealed that one of the most popularly misspelt words is “quarantine” which many people spell as — wait for it, you might not believe us here. . .

Corn teen.

That’s right, Corn teen. Now, it makes sense that more people than ever before have been googling the word “quarantine”, so you can expect there to be some misspellings.

But we would expect something at least a little more literate than “corn teen” — maybe “quarontine”, or “quorantine”. It appears that somehow, certain Americans have completely missed the way that language works and just turned it into a sound-association game.

We can only hope that this is a result of children or voice-recognition software mishearing certain people’s accents. Corn teen is, by far, the funniest common misspelling out there today.

Know the Funniest Misspellings

As you can see, people in the world of SEO are familiar with buildings worlds out of words. Unfortunately, when people make these hilarious spellings, the construction of the world goes a little wry and comes crashing down.

Familiarize yourself with these funniest misspellings, and you’re more likely to spell your online content right.

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