Digital Marketing Training

Group & Individual Training Sessions to help you understand the basics of digital marketing for your business


Social Media Marketing

Page, Post & Image Edits Action buttons and conversion optimisation ideas just for you.

Wordpress Basics

Page, Post & Image Edits Action buttons and conversion optimisation ideas just for you.

SEO Basics

Learn about on-page search engine optimisation including keyword research before you start building your website on any platform.

Blogging & Content Strategy

Learn how to come up with ideas for your website or blog, post them onto your website and share out to social media.

Digital Marketing Strategies

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Local Search Optimisation Techniques

Learn about directories, reviews, citations and more

Website SEO

Wordpress, Joomla, Squarespace On-Page SEO

Website Updates

Learn how to add pages and blog posts

Google Ads & Remarking Research

All businesses need a content strategy and we will show you why Best Practice for Social Media posting and Ads – Get this wrong and you are wasting your time.

Image Editing & More

Best practised to image editing

Competition tracking

We will show you how


Track whats working

digital marketing training

Our digital marketing training sessions are based on learning the basics and providing information to help you better understand the options and systems you can use going forward to manage your business better. By being aware, you will be able to make informed decisions going forward.

Whether your industry is non-competitive or you require a multichannel approach complete with social media, SEO, PPC, EDM’s, Video and remarketing, etc because you are in a more competitive industry. We will help you better understand as one size does not fit all, and you could be wasting a tonne of money on advertising that does not work. We will show you how to track and make better decisions going forward and also work out estimates on how much your competitors are spending on ads and whether or not you want to compete for certain products or keywords.

Free Group Training

RED Chameleon SEO offers free group training once a week at our Erina Office. Get in touch, and we will schedule you in on the next available session.

We offer a 1-day time session and 1-night time session per fortnight.

One on one training

Learn how to create stunning ads for social media and target audiences. Adding blog posts and articles to adding new pages. Image optimisation techniques and more. Also, if you are using WordPress, Joomla or Squarespace we can show you on-page SEO tasks that can be internally done and understanding Digital Marketing strategies such as your Google Adwords account and social media strategies.

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terms and conditions of training

What we are not – the small print

We do not offer website theme training or coding other than theme settings provided in the current setup. With the nature of mobile devices and the technical side of things its best to only use professional help in these areas.

We don’t provide system updates or backups. These should be set up by your current provider however we can offer these services and give you a rundown on what you need ongoing. Our training is a run down across mulitiple channels and platforms and is intended to inform an give you the knowledge going forward.

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