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Why Ranking in Google Is so Important and How to Make It Happen

Between June and July 2021, Google changed its search algorithms a frightening eight times. Improving and maintaining your ranking in Google is a constantly changing battlefield. As a business owner, how do you hope to stay ahead of the competition? One way is by understanding how Google rank changes and using a Google rank checker Continue reading

9 Amazing Tips, Tools, and Courses to Help You Learn Digital Marketing

Did you know that as of June 2018, Australia was home to 14.7 million Internet subscribers? That’s right! What’s more, that number is only for those whose names are on the subscription itself. It doesn’t include their spouses or kids who use the same service, say through Wi-Fi, to access the Internet. In total, Australia’s

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Why Blog Marketing is the Crowning Glory of Content Strategies

When you use blog posts to promote your business, you’re making a great choice. You’re in good company, after all. 53% of people marketing business say that blog marketing is their primary strategy for getting customers. This is a great choice, so naturally, you’re probably looking to join this huge percentage of people. But why

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