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funniest misspellings

5 Funniest Misspellings You’ll See When Working in SEO

5 Funniest Misspellings You'll See When Working in SEO The world of SEO is extremely important in the 21st century. With a huge surge in internet usage since the COVID - 19 pandemic, it's only becoming more important for businesses to hire SEO services to create the best keywords for their websites. But here's the funny thing about Continue reading
Google My Business

Google My Business: FAQ’s for Multiple Businesses at the Same Address

Google My Business: FAQ's for Multiple Businesses at the Same Address Signing up for a Google My Business listing is not always as simple as some business owners and marketers may think. This is especially the case for those of you who have more than one business at the same address. If this sounds like Continue reading
Business Introduction Video

Business Introduction Videos: 7 Tips and Tricks You Can Use To Accomplish A Brilliant Introduction Video

Every business owner needs to read these six tips and tricks that will help your business introduction video stand out against the competition. Is your business introduction video looking cheap and unprofessional? Making a video does not have to cost the earth, yet some mistakes can make it look very low budget. This can give Continue reading

Using a Keyword Research Service Is Still a Good Idea in 2019: Here’s Why

Are you planning to launch a search engine optimisation (SEO) campaign? Or perhaps you simply want to beef up your content marketing efforts? Several tools and strategies help strengthen your content marketing efforts. One of the oldest techniques is through keyword research. This involves finding the right terms and phrases. You want to find words that will Continue reading

How Much Impact Does your Brand Need to Have Before you Garner Leads

You want to get your brand out there. This is a no brainer. However, you might not know exactly how to do it effectively. The strategies that even worked five years ago might not work today. That’s because your brand needs three times more exposure to lead to customer engagement with the product or service.

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Why Blog Marketing is the Crowning Glory of Content Strategies

When you use blog posts to promote your business, you’re making a great choice. You’re in good company, after all. 53% of people marketing business say that blog marketing is their primary strategy for getting customers. This is a great choice, so naturally, you’re probably looking to join this huge percentage of people. But why

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Just Posting to Post? Why Social Media Strategy Planning Is About so Much More

If you post it, they’ll like, share, and comment, right? It’s true you have to post to grow your social media following and engagement. But posting just for the sake of posting won’t give you the increase in your social media stats that you want. Social media strategy planning helps you target each post to

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