Business Introduction Video

Business Introduction Videos: 7 Tips and Tricks You Can Use To Accomplish A Brilliant Introduction Video

Every business owner needs to read these six tips and tricks that will help your business introduction video stand out against the competition.

Is your business introduction video looking cheap and unprofessional?

Business Introduction Video

Making a video does not have to cost the earth, yet some mistakes can make it look very low budget. This can give the wrong impression of your business and how it operates.
If you are trying to plan a business video, you need to grab the attention of customers fast. Read on to hear our 7 tips on how to create a great introduction video for your business.

Know your Audience

Know Your Audience

If you are at the point of creating a business introduction video, then you should hopefully know the demographic of your target audience. Everything you do, from the graphics to the language used, should reflect this. If not, you risk alienating potential customers.

End With A CTA

End With a CTA

A call to action (CTA) is a message at the end of a piece of writing, video, or audio that tells someone what to do next. This helps people decide what to do next and directs them in a direction that is hopefully a step closer to engaging with your service.
Follow us on social media. Buy now and get a 10% discount. Both are examples of a fast, easy CTA that would work at the end of a video.

Use Real People

Use Real People

People want an authentic experience, and that can be done by adding authentic people. Don’t be tempted to call in a celebrity or the best looking person you know, as it just won’t look real. Instead, get an employee or customer to present or give their views and opinions for a good video introduction.

Promote It Online

Promote It Online

Once you have these elements, you should have a great business introduction video and all you need is some promotion for it. This includes SEO and social media, and to do it properly can take time and effort.
If you need some assistance with your digital marketing strategy, we can help. Red Chameleon has a number of solutions to get your video in front of the right audience. Call us today for a quote and start getting your videos online.

Endorse Professionalism

Endorse Professionalism

Though this should go without saying, many people attempt to do business videos on a budget. Even with the greatest of ideas, they look cheap and have a negative impact on your brand awareness. You need to grab the attention of customers in your introduction video, and means it needs to look good.
Even if you do not have the money to hire a professional, then at least hire some professional equipment. High-quality lighting, sound, and camera equipment can not be ignored. In addition, customers will always be attracted to high-quality videos and images over DIY user-generated content.



When crafting a great introduction, you need to get straight to the point while drawing in the customer. This is not done with reams of corporate jargon and statistics. In fact, this can really put people off.
Make sure you start with an attention-grabbing sentence, that has a clear cut message for the viewer. Once you have their interest, you can add some extra information making your product or service look even better. However, you should still cut down on heavy terminology and language.
Finally, keep it short! No one wants to watch 15 minutes of business promotion. You should have your introduction done and rounded off within 30 seconds.

Get A Plan

Get a Great Plan For Your Introduction Video

The last point is to have a plan and a script. Decide on what your introduction is leading up to. Are you doing a product review? Or are you going to outline the whole of your business and what it does?
Once you have decided on this write a script. Try to tell a story about your brand. Edit it, then edit it again so it is clear and concise.

Video Production

Video Production Services

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