7 Social Media Marketing Tips That Will Take Your Business to the Next Level

Social media sites are no longer just places where young people hang out. There are well over 4 billion people on social media. These are people of all ages, from all walks of life.

If you want to succeed in business in the 2020s, you’re going to have to make a social media marketing plan. But how exactly does social media advertising work?

This article will walk you through some social media marketing tips that you can work into your social media marketing strategy.

1. Stay Consistent

On social media, consistently posting great content is better than posting large bursts of mediocre content. Set yourself a social media schedule and stick to it and you’re far more likely to benefit from social media.

You only need to make a big, official, professional post once or twice a week. Put a lot of effort into this post and make sure it provides something entertaining, comedic, informative, educational, or aesthetically pleasing.

Once a day, however, you should make shorter posts on other avenues. For example, Instagram has temporary 24-hour “stories” you can add. This is great for more casual daily content.

Staying consistent is a great way to please your current followers while also bringing in new people. It’s always best to focus on developing your dedicated fans. If these people like your content enough, they’ll share it themselves.

2. Engage Socially

Too many people focus too much energy on the media part of social media sites and not enough on the social aspect. While it’s important to put out great content, it’s just as important to use social media as a way to engage with your customers.

Make sure you treat your social media site of preference as an excuse to provide great customer service. When you consistently make posts, people will leave you comments and send you direct messages asking you questions. Respond to these questions quickly and courteously, and people will recognise that your brand is one that cares about its customers.

You also need to make sure that you’re constantly responding to the flux and flow of the zeitgeist. Social media is a zeitgeist machine, and there are cases when a post coming even a week late can damage it. Hire someone who is savvy in this world who can make sure that your posts are all they could be.

3. Know Your Social Media Site

Not all social media sites were created equal. Different sites have different purposes, functions, and fanbases.

Facebook is still the most popular social media site out there. However, it’s lost a bit of cultural relevance, and is mainly used for more casual posts, messaging, and groups.

TikTok is the favoured platform of the youth. If you provide goods or services that generation z would love, consider setting yourself up on TikTok. However, understand that TikTok has its own unique culture.

Instagram is probably the social media site with the most relevance. Pop cultural figures can regularly be seen posting on this site. If you want to make use of Instagram, make sure you understand visual communication.

4. Link Your Website

This social media tip is relatively simple, but if you don’t make use of it, you’re missing out on some serious leads. Make sure you link your website to your social media page. This will help you gain customers and increase your SEO.

5. Create Sharable Content

As mentioned earlier, if you focus on pleasing your loyal customers, they’ll be more likely to reward you by sharing your content. Social media is so unique because it essentially turns your fans into advertisers for you.

Make content that’s short, visual, and packs a quick punch. This will make it easier for people to share your content.

When people share your content, you gain access to a whole new range of viewers. Everyone on their “friends” or “followers’ list will see this content, and also see that this came for you. Not every single one of these people is going to want this post, but if you can get one person from that pool to share the content again, you have the beginnings of a viral post.

6. Keep It Casual

People encounter brands that meet on social media as personalities. You might be viewing your posts as advertisements, but it’s likely that your audience will view them as updates from a trusted friend.

Because of this, you want to keep advertisement-esque tactics to a minimum. Talk to your customers like they’re friends of yours. Sales tactics will alienate your customers and feel like you only want their money from them.

There’s a reason that so many people buy things simply because they find them on social media. It’s because these products are being engaged with them socially, rather than forced upon them.

7. Don't Worry About Algorithms

Much has been made about the algorithms that social media sites use to promote social media posts. While you should make sure you stay relevant to current trends, you shouldn’t drive yourself crazy trying to please the algorithm.

At the end of the day, it’s very hard to predict what the algorithm will promote. Even if you do and you completely shift your content in this direction, you might lose loyal customers by completely changing the style you’ve built up.

Instead, stay consistent. Keep up the engaging posts that you’ve been going with. If you do this, the algorithm will promote you at some point.

Understand These Social Media Marketing Tips

Digital marketing isn’t easy to figure out, and social media marketing is one of the hardest types. However, if you follow these social media marketing tips you’ll be far more likely to succeed.

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