7 Creative, Fun, and Eye-Catching Graphic Design Trends for 2022

Graphic design is an integral part of your website. Learn about the most creative and eye-catching graphic design trends that will dominate 2022 here.

Did you know that there are more than one billion websites out on the internet right now? All these websites are going to need some form of graphic design in order to attract attention. Those who ignore graphic design trends in order to save time or money will find that their websites will never do as well as those who opted for the services of a professional graphic designer.

However, even if you know about the importance of graphic design, designs can quickly go out of fashion. After all, just because you had great success with your website’s design last year, how can you know that it will be as successful next year? How can you know what to expect from 2022 graphic design trends?

Fortunately, this article will guide you through the seven most popular and fun trends in graphic designs for 2022. By learning more about it, you can make sure your website always looks modern, trendy, and up-to-date. Read on to learn about these designs.

Ukiyo-e Flat Graphic Design Trends

Ukiyo-e designs are actually much older than the internet itself since they originated during the Edo Period in Japan which spanned from the 1600s to the 1800s. Artists of the time produced Ukiyo-e designs and art as woodblock prints. The art usually depicted kabuki theatre actors, figures from Japanese myths, and historical figures.

The main characteristics of this style include thin linework, a lack of shading, and flat colours. The appeal of this artistic style comes from its simplicity and emphasis on colour and form rather than detail. As it turns out, this style is surprisingly eye-catching when it comes to graphic design trends 2022.

Humans are very visually driven creatures and as soon as we see bright colours, it’s hard for us to look away. Of course, too many bright colours can be an eyesore, but when working with a graphic designer, you will be able to come to the right balance of colour when it comes to designing your website. Ukiyo-e design for your website can also give your website a unique, minimalist, and very modern look.

2D and 3D Blend

If you want website graphics that will never fail to attract attention, graphics that mix 2D and 3D styles are always a great choice. This is because most websites tend to choose only 2D or 3D designs. However, if you mix both of them, you’ll be able to give your website a look that no other website has.

This type of design can be hyperrealistic or stylized. It can be animated or static. Really, there are infinite possibilities when it comes to this very versatile style.

You can even use this type of design with your fonts if you want to polish every detail of your website. Of course, since this is a more complex design, it might take some more time to work on.

Appetising Colours

As with Ukiyo-e designs, colour is important, but especially if it reminds us of food. Candy and food-related colours are growing fast in the realm of graphic design and for a good reason. While websites that are grey, white, and black can look very sleek and modern, there’s no doubting that there’s a certain appeal to colours that get your mouth watering.

This is especially true if you sell food items on your website. When people are exposed to visually and mentally stimulating colours like bright red or yellow, they might be more interested in what you have to sell.

Grunge Designs

Grunge used to be one of the most popular design choices in the 1990s and now its popularity is starting to come back. Grunge is characterised by its roughed-up, angsty look. It is full of chaos and energy and tends to resonate best with a younger audience.

Grunge textures are gritty and colours tend to be in movement such as with splashes of paint or drips of ink. Bright colours are often contrasted against a dark background for a very bold effect. Crumpled paper textures or pieces of tape are also popular details for this style.

Back to the 90's

Of course, the 1990s were not only characterised by gritty grunge designs. The 90s also had some very smooth and very colourful designs. People today are also enthusing over 90s designs since they are becoming popular among many new TV shows.

Geometric designs are very important when it comes to embodying the 90s. Plenty of triangles, circles, and other shapes may be imposed over each other, each a different colour or opacity to give a certain appearance of depth (or lack of).

Art Deco

Who doesn’t love the art deco designs of the 1920s and 30s? It is full of sophistication, elegance, and good old-fashioned style.

Art deco designs are usually on a dark background and feature designs of gold or bronze that offer great contrast. This style prefers straight lines and sharp angles to round edges. Because of that, this is a very dramatic style.

However, this is one of the few styles where you can mix minimalism with grandeur, making this style unique.

Holographic Designs

Holographic designs are very popular today and you can find holographic art anywhere from clothing to phone cases. Holographic designs reflect light differently from anything else which by itself is a great trait for catching attention on your website.

Holographic designs work best when animated, but they can also be great when static as well. They are full of pastel colours and depth and few other art styles can compete.

Graphic Design Trends 2022

By the end of this article, you should know all about the most attention-grabbing graphic design trends you can expect in 2022. If you want to make sure your website looks as modern as possible, why not give these designs some thought?

The designers at Red Chameleon SEO will be able to work with you to create the most modern and eye-catching designs possible. To learn more about graphic design, contact us here to get started on your website makeover.

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